Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm watching a music video. It's not your conventional video with script, story, actors, etc., it's more of a hey! let's take some shoots of you in the studio, recording this and other songs video.

So we see the people in the band as well as the singer. They're all so happy and they have so.much. fucking. fun. It's like their eyes and faces and body language scream this shit is good. SOOO good!

And then, of course, I look around me and I look in the mirror and ..and I don't see anything like that here. If it's a smile it's from someone sneaking an youtube video between two tasks, or a funny e-mail between a phone call and a skype conference. And I, normally of course, think: God this job sucks! All our jobs suck!1!! 

Because, well, we never get to have fun like these people do.
Because, you know, we work for a living and they do it for fun and on top of that get paid. Yeah.
Because, like, what they do is about creativity and what we do is about ...getting fucked in the ass?
Because when we wake up we know what we'll do for the next 10 hours and even if we don't like it we'll have to do it anyway.
Because usually these people are younger then us and we look at them and go Oh, wow! What did I do when I was this age?
Because there is the usual smart asses bunch who go Look at them: robots! Going to work in their little suits, taking their little commuter trains, eating their little company subsidized lunch, enjoying their measly week-ends at the sea side like freedom has been invented only for them and only then, using their little gadgets they worked their ass off to afford... You know, artiste shit like that.

And I .. I ...

well, fuck off you dudes! Fuck the fuck off! And then some...

because you know what? You'd be nothing without us! Nothing.

You might think you're a somebody and that your creations are only understood and intended for artists like you, that we're sheep and we don't understand what this is all about, yet who pays so you can have all that? Who works so you can have something to eat? Who goes mindless from 9 to 17 so you would have a world to live in? We do.

Oh, I'd so much like to be like you. To spend my days milking the cow of creativity, not really worrying about the actual life problems because bringing the chef d'oeuvre into this world surely pays for every little thing you use and need. But I can't. Well, probably I am capable of, but I can't. Most of us can't.

If  all of as were singers and painters and writes and all that, we would not exist any more. I'm not saying as a species but I guess as a functional society, as a community.

No one likes to do the hard jobs but someone's got to do it. I'm sorry if this ruins your vision of an utopian flowery powery bohemian society, asshole.

But then, I'm just bitter.

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